Friday, February 11, 2011

Custom Wedding Invitations

This is a custom Save the Date postcard that was printed here at Owen’s for one of our long time customers (and also father of the bride).  There were several revisions that had to be implemented which is common with the original wedding work that we do.  It’s just a matter of tweaking until everyone is happy.  Our customer was very happy with the end product printed on a natural cardstock and cut to size for mailing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Immanuel Postcard

This postcard was done for First Immanuel who we have worked with on several projects recently.  This job was for the Open House planned for the school.  This was printing that needed to be turned around quickly.  It was done on Gloss Cardstock with a full bleed.  We were able to get them completed by the deadline and our customer was happy with the end product.

Custom Wedding Invitations

This custom wedding invitation with multiple pieces was a long time in planning as the customer lives out of state.  The bride had specific colors and textures in mind for the paper and text.  We test printed on the paper of her choice and had no problems running it through our new Konika Minolta printer.  The invitation, RSVP card, and schedule of events were each printed and trimmed to size.  The bridal party then assembled the various pieces of the invitations.  We received the following note in an email sent by the bride:
“My sister picked up our invitations and she said that they look great!  Thanks for having them done so quickly.”
Another satisfied customer!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Four for Breakfast?

Yikes! Digging out this morning....but you can still upload your files
HERE....Your file will be ready to print first, so why not take advantage of your snow day and create!
Thanks and stay warm!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

St Francis Borgia Invitations

These custom invitations, response cards, envelopes, and bookmarks were done in anticipation of the bishop's visit to Cedarburg.  St. Francis Borgia has been a long time customer and this was a long term project as the visit date was put on hold in 2010 and rescheduled for February 8, 2011.  Our flexibility made it possible for the church and school to know we were ready, willing, and able when the time was right.  The cards have an interesting fold and a very personal touch with the photo in sepia tones.  The envelopes were printed on both sides.  The bookmarks were cut to size and hole drilled for a tassel to be attached.  It was a fun project to see through to completion as it included many different elements of what we can do for our customers.